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during its forty-six years of lock making history, and being as one of the strongest and most professional security tech hardware and locks manufacturing factories group in china, roluxe lock has been recognised all over the markets as synonym of professional and innovation and quality.

trade marks of roluxe, eurolux and euromarine, are characterized on the european and north american markets for high quality of materials and finishing on stainless steel and anodized aluminium, and new pin tumbler cylinder systems with more advanced know- how, especially for the marine security industry needs and applications, such that as extra protection against highly corrosive weather conditions.

the different and well identified ranges of various products by trade marks of glory, ruis, and tri-com, are specially for south american, arabic, and african markets.

from 1978, we are launching a complete series of mortise door locks, and rim door locks and cylinders with securitec brand for the home security market, corresponding to a high level of tough security and superior protection.

made in our 3 main china facilities at shanghai, shandong, and hangzhou, we have been a potential manufacturer of products for your optimum security and value-added lifestyle.

technical specifications
roluxe reserves the right to change the technical specifications of its products on the pricelist
without any prior notice at any time, whenever necessary.
the indicated unit weights and measures and packaging have to be considered as indicative

risk of transport
during transport, goods shall always be at buy's risks.

prices revision clause
prices are subject to alteration following increase in cost of material and labour.
prices charged will be those ruling at the date of despatch.

any claim concerning the goods must be communicated within 30 days from
the goods receipt and accompanied by details of the net weight and quantity.
no return is accepted without previous

roluxe guarantees its products against any working defects. seller's liability
is limited to the free replacement of defective products and shall not cover any
additional refund or expenses of whatever nature. any claim, will not in any case
exempt buyer from paying the invoice at the due date. guarantee will not be
valid any more if the original roluxe spare parts, components or accessories
have not been used (i.e.: keys).

for any dispute, even if arisen by the buyer, the only competent court
will be that of shanghai (china)